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Crashzone the first free web based quoting system for smash repairers.


The Crashzone system

Crashzone is a web based quoting system for Smash Repairers accessed by secure login using a user name and password ( the same as internet banking )
Being web based allows you to access Crashzone from any computer, laptop, note book or mobile device that has internet access. This allows you to use technology such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and Android devices .
Fast and simple to use, writes quotes, add images, create tax and excess invoices, email and print your quote. Crashzone is accepted by all insurance companies.

Crashzone has been 100% FREE since 2007 we don’t charge you anything and there are no catches. There are no support fees or extra modules to buy, everything is included such as integration with Audatex, ORM, PNET, AutoIntegrity, ARNIE & Estimage

Crashzone has over 1000 users in Australia and New Zealand and combined our users are generating 250,000 + quotes with a value in excess of $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars) annually.

Insurance Integration

Crashzone is compaitable with all insurance companies and has integration with Audatex, PNET, ORM, NTAR, LTAR, AutoIntegrity, Estimage & ARNIE

Getting started – Create your own no obligation Crashzone system

* On the top right  of the page click the SIGN UP button, a sign up form will be appear:


* Enter your email address
* Enter your name ( this help us know who to speak to if you need support )
* Enter your password ( don’t make it to easy )
* Repeat the password for confirmation
* Click on sign up
* You will now be taken into a new live system

If you receive an error when trying to sign up a new account
“user name not available”
This indicates that the account already exists within Crashzone, either trying logging into Crashzone or contact Crashzone support.

Once you sign up you will be taken to the main page of your new system

* Your newly created Crashzone system is live and ready to use
* By default we add 1 demo job for example ( Kate Jones )
* Please use the demo job to familiarise yourself with the Crashzone system



Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Crashzone owned by an insurance company?

A. Crashzone is not owned or affiliated to any insurance company we are 100% privately owned propriety limited company

Q. Does Crashzone sell my customer data?

A. Your privacy is of the up most importance, personal information and customer details are not for sale your information is secure on Crashzone

Q. Can I download Crashzone on to my computer?

A. Crashzone is web based; you don’t need to download any software. To use Crashzone go to www.crashzone.com.au and login using your email address and password.

Q. Can I backup my quotes with Crashzone?

A. YES you can backup quotes as often as you like from the Crashzone settings page. The Backup data is produced in PDF and JPG format so you can use it on any computer no need for special software.

Crashzone main page

Crashzone details page

Crashzone quote page

Crashzone view page

Crashzone photo App running on Apple iPhone

Crashzone running on Apple iPad

Crashzone running on Apple iPad mini


Crashzone Community Repairer Network

As the smash repair industry rocks with the waves of change created from the PSR networks and establishment of larges MSO’s,  one new network has arisen that puts the local community at the top of its work providers. Crashzones “Community Repairer Network” (C  CRN) will provide via its 200 strong members just what it’s name suggests, an  Australia wide community of repairers with a common goal of repairing damaged vehicles to standards that are allied with the community’s expectations.

Through alliances will provide technical data suppliers and equipment manufacturers CRN will share knowledge and expertise as well as work contacts to put back into the repair industry what has been lost to the peak bodies in recent times. No repair shop is too big and none too small to be part of the C CRN although the one common thread and prerequisite to be a member is the use of the Crashzone’s online quoting system.  Crashzone has grown its software users in every state of Australia (and elsewhere) to over 600 over a relatively short period and with numbers like that it’s not hard to see why suppliers and work providers alike are keen to talk about the future.

The executive team of 5 are all from different States and have extensive knowledge in their region’s and have made it perfectly clear that, just like its members, the Crashzone Community Repairer Network they will hold its core values of honesty and intergrity above all else and no shop will be larger than the group. A code of conduct has been written and posted on the website for review by members and non members www.crashzone.com.au

The local charities and sporting clubs of the member repairers will also be the winners, as it will be encouraged and advertised when repairers are giving back to the community in any way. Watch this space for more news as the group gains momentum to effect positive change to the industry.

For clarity, the Community Repairer Network executive are focused on the controlling the controllable. It’s charter does not include matters/ topics that are already supplied by MTA’s or other governing bodies.

If you would like to become a member just log on to www.crashzone.com.au and express your interest. Best of all is Crashzone Quoting is Free.

Membership of the Communtiy Repairer Network (an additional service for Crashzone users) is provided for a small membership fee.

CCRN – Code Of Conduct

Crashzone It’s Free Pty Ltd.

P.O Box 4
North Sydney NSW 2060

Support: 02 9011 6647
Email: support@crashzone.com.au
Website: www.crashzone.com.au