Crashzone is the 1st free quote system you can use right in your web browser

Crashzone is a great, free quote system you can use right in your web browser

What is Crashzone?
Crashzone is a free web based automotive smash repair estimating program.

Why is Crashzone free?
Crashzone is free because there is no charge to the customer.

What does it mean being web based?
Crashzone is totally web based meaning that there is no need to install software on your computer.
You can access your Crashzone account from any computer that has internet access.

Where my information is kept & is it secure?
All information is securely kept on our dedicated servers.

What support do you offer?
We offer free support via email. Simply email and our dedicated staff will help you with any support or quotes you have.

Can I request a change to be made to the system?
We would love to here any suggests for changes to Crashzone.
Though we can not guarantee that we can make changes to the program we defiantly invite you to make any suggestions that you might have.
Any popular idea will be considered.

What computer requirements do I need?
All you need is a computer on the internet with modern web browser. Either Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or 7 web browsers will be perfect for Crashzone. You can get firefox from

What are the requirements for my internet?
We suggest ADSL or ADSL2 the faster your internet the better.

Can I access the system from home?
YES you can access the system from home or from any computer that has internet access.

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