Apple macbook air 2010 13 inch review – new hinge

Apple Air 2010

Model reviewed is the apple macbook air 2010 13″ 256gig HD, 4gig RAM.

The big change is that Apple has redesigned the defective hinge design. The second big thing is the improved battery recharge times, which I have not yet seen anyone comment on, only 1h 10mins from 0% to 80% charge. Below is the list of improvements I have experience over the first seven battery cycles.


1. battery – up from 3 hours to 5 hours (real usage times)
2. battery recharging is faster, takes 2 hours for a full charge – 50% improvement
3. screen res increased and screen is thinner (1280×800 -> 1440×900)
4. new hinge design making the back-end of the laptop thicker
5. cooler laptop, hinge is the air vent which works very well
6. 4gig ram option (100% increase)
7. 256gig flash drive option (100% increase)
8. new glass touch pad with button in pad
9. faster graphics card (you can feel the improvement when surfing and scrolling)
10. no flap for usb
11. 2x USB, mini display port, and a SD card reader
12. F-keys changed to include power button so sound keys are off set by one key
13. faster rebooting, about three times faster
14. memory stick for install disk (no more dvd
15. speaker are louder


1. light senor removed
2. backlit keyboard removed
3. no 3G modem (previous models did not have 3G)
4. standby light removed


Christiaan Hunter

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